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《About us》
《The purpose and content of the activities》 We, the “Sake on The table” project, want to create the joyful dining occasions in the world in a rich and tasty way with Japanese sake on the theme of “the tables of the world tied together by Japanese sake”.

Japanese sake’s originality and diversity have a long history of richly flavoring our Japanese food and culture.

In one glass of sake, you appreciate and cherish the passing of the seasons, which helps you cherish nature. Japanese rice malt culture is ceaselessly alive in that taste.

Knowing the individual tastes of Japanese sake can lead you to know the local climates of every part of Japan and wisdom of our ancestors which supports our health and longevity.

The “Sake on the Table” project will bring “a richness to tables with Japanese sake” in each country of the world. It also will contribute to the creation of future food cultures each country will have.

Makiko Tejima
《Makiko Tejima》
Makiko Tejima officially introduced Japanese sake to Italy for the first time at the Cheese Festival sponsored by Slow Food Italy in 2001. Since then, she has been introducing Japanese sake mainly in European countries such as Spain and France, studying how to obtain delicious combinations of Italian food and Japanese sake.

  • Producer of Milan Sake Week
  • Supporter of Japan pavilion at Milan Expo 2015
  • Sake stylist (Japanese sake expert certified by Japan Sake and Shouchu Makeres Association )
  • Creator of food culture
  • Director of Brewing Society of Japan

  • 《about our organization》
    We, the “ Sake on The Table” project, are a private group which is run by Makiko Tejima and her supporters. Japanese sake makers,food producers and volunteers are included in those supporters.

    The office of Sake on The Table
    (in Sai-Shoku-Ken-Bi Co;Ltd)
    605,4-11-9 Sendagaya Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0051 Japan

    Sake On The Table Tel: 03-3404-1707 (+81.3.3404.1707) Fax: 03-3404-6933 (+81.3.3404.6933)
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